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Redux Compatibility


It is possible to transform a mobx-keystone tree node into a Redux compatible store.

const todoListReduxStore = asReduxStore(todoList)

// or with Redux middlewares
const todoListReduxStore = asReduxStore(todoList, middleware1, middleware2)

Such store will have most of the usual Redux store methods:

  • getState() is a thin wrapper over getSnapshot(storeTarget).
  • dispatch(action) accepts an action in the form { type: "applyAction"; payload: ActionCall }, which can be constructed by using actionCallToReduxAction(actionCall) and will call applyAction with the store target and the action call from the payload.
  • subscribe(listener) will use onSnapshot(storeTarget, listener) and return a disposer.


It is also possible to connect a store to some Redux DevTools monitor thanks to the connectReduxDevTools function and the remotedev package.

import * as remotedev from "remotedev"
// or
const remotedev = require("remotedev")

// create a connection to the monitor (for example with `connectViaExtension`)
const connection = remotedev.connectViaExtension({
name: "my cool store",

connectReduxDevTools(remotedev, connection, todoList)

This function also accepts an optional options object with the following properties:

  • logArgsNearName - if it should show the arguments near the action name (default is true).

If you want to see it in action feel free to check the Todo List Example, open the Redux DevTools and perform some actions.